About Vastu Consultant in India

VastuArt is a Vastu Consultant firm that provides well-researched and authentic insights about various aspects of your life through natal chart interpretations and other methods.

It is the fusion of conventional rules of astrology and the modern lifestyle. We, at VastuArt, understand that no matter when, where, and in what conditions were you born, but each one of you possesses the energies and vibrations of the universe and celestial bodies. These are based on the position of planets at the time of your birth.

We aim to balance these supreme powers to work in your favor by altering and tweaking the role and interference of natural elements in your life. This is done by our experienced astrologers, who understand the impact of every star on your life.

We show you the path of love, luck, wealth, and prosperity thus, either eliminating or minimizing the influence of any negative aspects shown in your horoscope. Walking on that path or learning from the failures in life is absolutely your choice.

We aim to become the guiding force for the modern world to understand the importance of Vastu shastra in people’s lives. And how it can benefit them to unbelievable extents in magical ways.

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Residential Vastu

The ultimate comfort lies in each corner of your home. This makes it very important for your mental well-being to have positive vibrations present at home. Make it a lovely place to live with VastuArt.


A Perfect Balance Of Energy For Your Home


Let The Potential Of Right Direction Guide You

Farm House

Manage The Vibrations Of Your Living Space Righ


Utilize Your Space Wisely With Divine Guidance

Vastu Consultant Tips

Get the right vastu tips exclusively for your living and working spaces that will give them positive vibrations. Create a life that can bring you health, prosperity, and mental peace with VastuArt.

Main Door Direction

The place from where the energies make way in your life


Make the core of your house, the epitome of positivity

Panch tatva (Five Elements)

A perfect balance of natural elements for a successful life

Green Vastu Art

Create a perfect balance between the aesthetics and the energies

Vastu Astro

Align the principles of Vastu with your horoscope to get the perfect astrology predictions. With VastuArt eliminate all the negativity and make your life better and prosperous.

House facing as per Horoscope

Let the best house facing direction
work in your favor

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Planning as per Natal Chart

See how your planetary positions
affect your life

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Astrology Prediction

Know what is beneficial for you to gain
success in life

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Vastu Numerology

The position of planets at the time of our birth depicts the quality of our life throughout the journey. This can also have a numeric representation where the numbers have a consequential impact on various aspects of our lives. VastuArt provides consultation to get your numbers in line.

House Name/Number

Let Your House Number Be In Sync With Your Master Number

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Firm Name

The Divine Powers Will Guide You To Choose The Best Firm Name

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Determine Number Of Partners And Everything That Consists Numbers

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Name Change

– Identify The Best Name For Spaces Guided By The Numbers

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What Our Clients Say

The satisfaction that a family gains with our expert's guidance gives us the motivation to keep moving in the right direction.
Let’s see what they said about us.

“Ravindra Dadheech Ji helped me to build my new house and office recently. I am very satisfied and happy with his suggestions. It really works. I must recommend everyone to consult him for Vastu and Astrology. He is the best Vastu consultant and architect in Gurgaon.”

Swaraj Kaushik - Gurgaon

“I am very happy to write a review for the VastuArt expertise team for their services. Our house is 100% Vastu compliant and believes me, the results have been outstanding.”

Shubham Soni - Jaipur

“I met with Pt. Shri Navratan Dadheech Ji during my challenging time when things weren't going right with me. I consulted for my house and shop Vastu rectification. His guidance has been proven very helpful to me. I would always recommend him for his services.”

Nandkishor - Jaipur

“Dr. Rakesh Dadheech Ji is a kind hearted man. As a professional Vastu consultant and an Architect, he understands other people feeling and also doing work from his heart. Satisfied with his services.”

Vaishali Sinsinwar - Delhi